Using Field Mappings

Corporate; Enterprise
Administrative Users
As an administrator, you use Field Mappings to control the location and behavior of fields that display on the Add & Edit pages of your records, such as:
  • The name of the field.

  • The order in which the fields appear (and whether or not they appear at all).

  • Whether or not the field is required to complete.

  • If the field is a drop-down or picker, the values that appear within that field, if there is a default value, and how many values a user can select at once.

  • Brand new fields that you create.

  • Defined opportunity, job, and placement tracks.

You access Field Mappings from the Bullhorn menu, under Tools. Each set of field mappings is broken down by entity.* So, for example, to change the values that appear within the Status drop-down on the contact record, expand the Contact entity and locate the Status field. If necessary, you can use the column headers as filters.

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Note:  As all records (except for companies) must have owners in Bullhorn, the Owner field must always be required. If you un-select the Required check box for an Owner field, and then attempt to create and and save a record without an owner, you'll see an error message.
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