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Syncing Your iPhone with Bullhorn

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Bullhorn Mobile Sync allows you to use distribution lists to synchronize your Bullhorn contacts with your iPhone or iPad using the device's built-in sync software, which communicates directly with our servers. Contacts you add directly to your iPhone sync into Bullhorn as Personal Contacts and become a member of your "IntelliSync Default" distribution list. These contacts are private and no one can see them but you.

If you remove a contact from a distribution list that you are currently syncing, then that contact is removed from your iPhone. For this reason, if you add contacts to your device you must sync the IntelliSync Default distribution list in order for the contact to remain on your device. If you delete a contact from your device, it is not deleted from Bullhorn. Instead, it is added to the IntelliSync Deleted Contacts distribution list and is not syncable again unless it is removed from this list.

For introductory information on Bullhorn Mobile Sync, including a full list of supported mobile devices, view the Understanding Bullhorn Mobile Sync article.


To sync your iPhone with Bullhorn


  1. Have your administrator enable Bullhorn Mobile Sync on your user account

  2. Back up any existing iPhone or iPad data onto your computer's iTunes application

  3. Verify that your mobile settings are configured to sync contacts only and that you've selected the correct distribution lists. For more information, please view the Configuring Your Bullhorn Mobile Sync Settings article

Getting Started

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, tap the Settings application

  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  1. Tap Add Account

  2. Tap Microsoft Exchange


Enter Account Information

  1. In the Email field, type your Bullhorn primary email address

  2. In the Username field, type your Bullhorn username

  3. In the Password field, type your Bullhorn password

  4. If desired, in the Description field, type a name for your account (e.g., Bullhorn Mobile Sync)

  5. Tap Next

  1. If an Unable to Verify Certificate error appears, click Accept or Cancel (the next step is the same regardless)

  2. In the Server field, type one of the following, depending on your cluster. Your cluster is shown at the beginning of the URL you see when logged into Bullhorn

If your Bullhorn URL containsThen type
  1. Tap Next

Sync Data

  1. Turn on Contact syncing only.

  2. Tap one of the following:

  • Keep on my iPhone/iPad - Saves all of the contacts currently stored on your iPhone or iPad and adds all of your Bullhorn contacts in a separate list.

  • Delete - Deletes all of the contacts currently stored on your iPhone or iPad and replaces them with all of your Bullhorn contacts.

  1. If you tapped Keep on my iPhone/iPad, tap Keep on my iPhone/iPad again.

    • Alternatively, tap Cancel to return to step 12.

  2. Tap Done.

    • The speed of the initial sync can depend on your signal strength as well as how much data you are syncing. For troubleshooting tips, please view the Troubleshooting Bullhorn Mobile Sync article.

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