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Submitting a Ticket to Bullhorn Support

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As a Support/Account contact, in addition to contacting Support by phone, you can also submit a ticket through the Bullhorn Community. From here, you can also view your open and closed tickets, add additional information to tickets, and close tickets. In addition, you may be able to view all tickets submitted by users in your company.

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Submitting a Ticket Through the Bullhorn Community

  1. From your Bullhorn top bar, go to the Help button.

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  2. From the name drop down, choose Contact Support.

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  3. Select the Submit A New Ticket button.

  4. Fill out the required fields as follows:

    • Product Family Name: Select which Bullhorn product you are using.

    • Subject: What is this about?

      • After filling out the subject, the article list on the right will update. You may find the information you're looking for within this list, so please check that out before submitting your ticket.

    • Summary: Full details that you can provide about the issue or request.

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  5. Add any applicable attachments.

  6. Select Submit to send your ticket to Support.

Regardless of the method you use to submit a ticket, please provide Bullhorn Support with as much information as possible. The more details you provide, the faster we can help you. Ideally, please provide an example of the issue, steps required to reproduce the issue, information about the frequency of the issue, and the severity of the issue.


  • What is the user seeing/experiencing versus what you think they should be seeing/experiencing?

  • What specific areas of Bullhorn are affected?

  • Can you provide a screenshot?

Steps to Reproduce

  • Which user generated the issue?

  • What steps were taken to produce the error?

  • What data was entered to produce the error?

  • What does the error message say?


  • Is the issue happening all the time? Some of the time? Only once?

  • When did the issue start?


Viewing Your Existing Tickets

  1. From within the Bullhorn Community, select the name drop down.

  2. Pick Contact Support.

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  3. To view a specific ticket, choose the ticket number.

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Adding Information to a Ticket

  1. Follow the steps for Viewing Your Existing Tickets.

  2. Enter additional information in the commends field.

    • Select the link icon to add any attachments.

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  3. Select Save Comment to send that information to Support.

Closing a Ticket

  1. Follow the steps for Viewing Your Existing Tickets.

  2. Leave a comment to state why you're closing the ticket, as shown above.

  3. Select Close Ticket.

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