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Requesting a Data Backup

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Bullhorn automatically backs up client data on a weekly basis to protect against or in the event of hardware or software failure. If for any reason you need a full backup of your own, here's the process for requesting one and what to expect in the backup. Have more questions? See this article for Data Backup FAQs.

Only authorized Account or Support contacts may request a backup. To request a backup, you can do any of the following:
  • Complete either the Standard or Final Bullhorn Backup Request Form (see descriptions of each below) and then fax the form to +1 (617) 507-6420, OR

  • Submit a ticket through the Community, OR

  • Contact Bullhorn Support directly.

A backup consists of a Microsoft SQL Server generated file containing all of your company's data, such as email, client information, templates, notes, etc. There are two types of backups you can request:

  • Standard Backup

    • Includes all data, such as records and notes.

    • Only includes file attachments (e.g., resumes) added in the system between the first day of the previous month and the date of the backup request. Standard backups are offered free of charge on a monthly basis.

  • Final (Full) Backup - Includes all data, such as records and notes, plus all file attachments in their native format, such as resumes in Microsoft Word format. Full backups are automatically offered if you terminate your contract with Bullhorn, or for a fee while you are under contract with Bullhorn.

The data is packaged in an industry standard compressed file format and placed on a Bullhorn secure FTP server for you to download. To maintain the security of your data, your faxed backup form must contain signatures from at least two Account and Support Contacts at your company. Bullhorn then notifies all Account and Support Contacts at your company of the backup request. After ensuring that the appropriate staff at your company has been notified, Bullhorn Support sends the backup request to Bullhorn Engineering. 

Note:  If you want your backup to include all data up until a specific date the Engineering team will run the backup one week after the date the data is needed, to ensure that the appropriate data is included in the backup. 


After the backup is complete, we then send the download information to the original Account or Support Contact who requested the backup.  In order to download and install the backup, one must first download and install Filezilla, a free FTP solution.


To download your Bullhorn Backup

  1. Open Filezilla.

  2. In the Host field, enter

  3. In the Username field, enter your FTP username.

  4. In the Password field, enter your FTP password.

  5. In the Port field, enter 990.

  6. Click Quickconnect.

  7. Review and accept the Unknown certification notification by clicking OK.

  8. Drag the file from the right side of the screen (the remote site pane) to the left side of the screen (the local site pane, i.e., your computer). A progress bar appears notifying you of the status of your download.

For more information on how we keep your data secure, view the Understanding Bullhorn’s Disaster Recovery Technology and Processes article.

For instructions on viewing your backup after you've downloaded it, view the Viewing your Data Backup article.

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