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Enabling Bullhorn Mobile Sync for a User

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Bullhorn Mobile Sync lets users synchronize their Bullhorn business contacts with their mobile devices. Users must sync their email and calendar appointments through a separate Exchange account (or BIS/BES if using a BlackBerry) setup. Bullhorn Mobile Sync runs on the following devices:

  • iPhone/iPad (version 3.1 or later)

  • BlackBerry (except with OS 6)*

  • Devices running the Android OS (version 2.1 or later)

Once you've completed the steps to enable, send the user a link to one of the following articles to set up the sync account on their device, depending on the device type:


To enable Bullhorn Mobile Sync for a user

  1. From your Bullhorn Menu select Users
    • S-Release: From the Tools menu, select Users
User-added image
  1. Click the edit pencil User-added image to the left of user
  1. Click the expand arrow to the left of Wireless Settings.

  2. From the For this Mobile Device drop-down, select the device type.

    • A message indicating that you are enabling a billable feature appears.

  3. Click OK

User-added image
  1. In the Synchronize section, select the On radio button to the right of the Contacts field

  2. Click Save

User-added image
  1. If enabling syncing for a BlackBerry, do the following:

    • Click the expand arrow to the left of Wireless Settings

    • Click the Get License Key button to generate a license key, which the user will need to set up their sync account

User-added image
Note:  For an additional fee, BlackBerry users must download and install a third-party software called AstraSync. This procedure is outlined in the article you send them.
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