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Configuring Your Bullhorn Mobile Sync Settings

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An administrator must enable Bullhorn Mobile Sync for you. In addition to changing the settings in your Bullhorn Preferences, you should also change the settings on your device to ensure they coincide.

You use Bullhorn Mobile Sync to synchronize contacts only; you should sync email and calendar with your mail client.

Turning off Bullhorn Mobile Sync prevents new data from syncing to your device. Once you turn off Bullhorn Mobile Sync, an administrator must turn it back on for you. If you are an administrator, you can disable Bullhorn Mobile Sync on behalf of your users by editing their user account.

To enable/disable contact syncing

  1. From your Bullhorn Menu, select Users
    • S-Release: On the Bullhorn menu, under Tools, select Users
User-added image
  1. Click the edit pencil User-added image to the left of the user

  2. Expand the Mobile Sync Settings section

  1. Under Synchronize, select the On or Off radio button for Contacts

  2. Save

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